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Register to access our services through the Energy Innovation Toolkit Portal. This page explains what services we offer, as well as how to use our Portal to lodge queries and submit trial applications. 

Lodge your query or trial application through the Energy Innovation Toolkit Portal

Click the link below to register with the Portal and log in to securely lodge IES queries and trial applications. 

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If you'd like to discuss how our services could help your project before lodging a trial or enquiry,
feel free to get in touch with us through our contacts form.

What we offer

The Energy Innovation Toolkit offers two services. 

1.    The Innovation Enquiry Service (IES). The IES can answer your regulatory questions, and can help you understand what energy regulations might apply to your business model. 

2.    Trials. Trials will be facilitated by Regulatory Sandboxing – a policy tool offering relief from energy regulatory frameworks to allow for proof-of-concept trials testing innovative business models and technologies. The outcomes of these trials will be analysed and provided to policy makers as evidence to inform potential regulatory change.   

  • We are currently accepting applications for trials requiring relief from national energy frameworks through the national Regulatory Sandboxing function, as well as applications for trials requiring relief from Victorian energy frameworks through the Victorian Regulatory Sandboxing function.
  • For more information on trials and when we will accept applications, please read our trials overview page and our trials application process page.

The Energy Innovation Toolkit accepts IES queries through our Energy Innovation Toolkit Portal. 

  • The Portal is a secure data lodgement point protected by two-factor authentication.
  • Through the Portal, you can securely lodge your IES query or trial application using our electronic enquiry forms.
  • Clicking the log-in link above will take you to the external Portal website, administered by the AER.
  • Our Portal Services Guide is a step-by-step walkthrough explaining how to register for the Portal, as well as how to fill out our enquiry and trial application forms.
How can the Portal help me?

The Portal allows you to lodge and manage your regulatory questions and trial applications in a central case-management system, enabling the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the Essential Services Commission (ESC) to collaborate in assessing your application and sourcing expert responses. 

Through the Portal dashboard you can:

  • Lodge an IES query
  • Submit a trial application
  • Securely upload documents  
  • Track the progress of your matter, and 
  • Receive guidance, meeting requests, and other communication from the Energy Innovation Toolkit team. 
How do I use the Portal?

Step one to accessing our services through the Portal is to register and authenticate your Energy Innovation Toolkit account using the log-in link above. 

Step two is to fill out our electronic enquiry form or trial application form and upload any supporting documentation.

You’ll receive an email confirming that your query has been lodged and that we will soon be in touch. Any communication we send through the Portal will be accompanied by an email notification, letting you know when your matter has been updated. 

You can log back into the Portal at any time through the links you receive via email notifications, or through the log-in link on this page.

Please note that all Innovation Enquiry Service queries and trial applications must be made through the Portal. The Energy Innovation Toolkit will not respond to these matters if lodged outside the Portal. 

If you have a question about how our services work,  a media enquiry, or a request for an update about an active trial, please use our general enquiries contact form

You can also use the general enquiries form to get in touch with us to briefly discuss your project before applying for a trial. Because trial applications require substantial supporting information, involve consultation across the entire sector, and are resource-intensive to process, we ask that you first contact us through our general enquiries form for a pre-application meeting before lodging a trial application in the Portal. 

Start with our resources 

In addition to hosting access to the Portal, the Energy Innovation Toolkit website also offers information and resources designed to make energy regulation easy to understand. Check our tools and explainers to see whether your question has already been answered.  

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