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Get help launching your energy business idea

The Energy Innovation Toolkit is a service offered by the Australian Government to help you launch your energy business idea. Our team can help you understand energy regulation, explore options to launch under current frameworks, navigate energy sector stakeholders, and get clear guidance on who you may need to contact and why.  We can also help you access relief from regulatory barriers through proof-of-concept ‘sandbox’ trials. 

How we can help

Helping energy innovators power ahead

Access tools and services to help your business launch trials, share knowledge, and enter the market.

Delivered by trusted experts

The Australian Government has created the Energy Innovation Toolkit to better respond to the energy sectors’ evolving needs, to encourage competition resulting in better outcomes for energy consumers, and to allow Australia’s energy frameworks to better adapt to rapid technological change.

The Energy Innovation Toolkit is delivered by the Australian Energy Regulator, in coordination with our Project Partners.