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This page contains a contact form where you can lodge general questions about Energy Innovation Toolkit scope, requests for updates on an active trial project, media enquiries, or request a pre-application meeting to discuss whether your project is sufficiently developed to apply for regulatory relief through a Regulatory Sandboxing trial. 

General questions

You can use the contact form below to lodge: 

  • General questions about how our services work 
  • Requests for updates on specific trial projects
  • Media enquiries 

Pre-application meetings

You can also use this form to get in touch with us to briefly discuss your project before applying for a Regulatory Sandboxing trial. Because trial applications require substantial supporting information, involve consultation across the entire sector and are resource-intensive to process, we ask that you contact us for a pre-application meeting before lodging a trial application in the Portal. 

Please note that the pre-application meeting is a quick maturity check for your project. In the pre-application meeting we will briefly discuss your project and confirm that it is mature enough to apply for regulatory relief through a sandbox trial, as well as whether the regulatory relief you seek is within our scope. The intent is to give you the information you need to decide whether or not to invest time in developing and lodging a trial application. Your application may or may not be successful. 

  • The pre-application meeting ONLY confirms whether we think your project is within our scope and is mature enough to apply for regulatory relief through a trial. 
  • The pre-assessment meeting will NOT confirm that your application will be successful.

Read more about Regulatory Sandboxing trials and the kinds of regulatory relief we offer on our trials process page and trials overview page.